The Chanel №5 bottle is famous for its sleek and simplistic design. Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Few perfumes are as famous or as revolutionary as Chanel №5. With its mixture of eighty individual scents, the fragrance was considered ground-breaking at the time of its debut in Coco Chanel’s Paris boutique. Marilyn Monroe made the perfume sexy when she told a reporter she wore nothing but №5 to bed. And when the fragrance was rebranded in the 1970s, it was advertised as something new — a scent created for a woman’s private enjoyment and not to attract men.

Throughout its history, it has emphasised the paradoxes in women’s lives, from the original complex scent in a simplistic…

Amy Hetherington

Journalist, blogger … and ex-archaeologist. Previously written on topics concerning disability, music, mental health, online dating and archaeology. Loves dogs.

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